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Schaesberg Castle

In a green valley in central South Limburg lie the ruins of the Renaissance 16th century Schaesberg Castle, and the archaeological remains of the castle’s 17th century farm. Experts in traditional construction techniques are overseeing the rebuilding and reconstruction of this once imposing castle and farm complex, with the help of many volunteers and participants re-integrating into working life, learning the trades and crafts needed to preserve our heritage.

Our well informed guides are happy to give you an informative tour, but you are also welcome to explore the beautiful grounds for yourself or follow an audio tour to take in the castle gardens, traditional workshops and small farm housing our rare and traditional breeds. Take in the atmosphere in the castle cellars and dungeon where it is documented that Buckriders were held captive, and climb the tower for amazing views. For our younger visitors there is an adventure playground amongst the trees. A great day out for all!

Slot Schaesberg-Laan 100
6371 KZ Landgraaf
Telefoon: 045 201 1222